This year, we’ll be at the Audio Show Deluxe in Whittlebury in March, and the Northwest Audio show at Cranage in June! A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who came and visited our room last year at the Cranage Audio Show and the UK Audio Show at Staverton.


The Ascalon-8 speakers were very well received, you can go to the Expert Reviews tab and see the great review by The Ear!

The Amplifier: Re-Imagined


Check out the amazing reviews by Hifi+, ‘The Ear’ and now HiFi and Music Source magazines on our Reviews tab…

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“This is Audio Heaven”, was Simon Wilce’s opinion in the Angel-4 plus Angel-Pre review.

The Angel amplifiers have been to three HiFi reviewers now, and two of them liked the amplifiers so much they purchased them to keep them permanently in their reference systems!

That’s not something that happens too often… maybe you should pop to a dealer and hear the magic for yourself.


The Angel-6 is in ‘The Ear’ BEST of 2021. We say lots of nice things about our amplifiers, and you would expect that! After nearly a year of living with the Angel-6, the editor of ‘The Ear’, Jason Kennedy says:

“Small companies sometimes come up with remarkable audio components and that is clearly the case with Moor Amps. … It achieves the remarkable feat of combining power with finesse, speed with gravitas and musicality with control, it is also extremely revealing. The Angel-6 is capable of driving difficult loudspeakers whilst producing fluent and effortless music in such a way that you just want to keep listening.”

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