Angel 6 Power Amplifier

The pinnacle of 30 years of development, the Angel 6 has been designed with musical performance in mind.

By using only top quality components and combining low-feedback design with high current delivery, this design will make you believe the music is being played live in the room. The Angel 6 can drive even the most demanding of speakers to high levels, where other amplifiers start to compress and sound strained.

What does this mean for your music?

– An incredibly natural sound for instruments and vocals

– Fine detail resolution and massive dynamic range

– Awesome grip on timing and rhythm

– An immersive, believable musical experience

What makes for the astonishing musical performance of the Angel 6? Leaving no stone unturned in the search for musical perfection.

We extend our low-feedback philosophy to the power supplies. The low-feedback amplifier is fed with incredibly pure, high current DC rails from low-feedback regulators.

More than 200,000uF of high quality, low ESR supply capacitors in 3 power islands isolate the circulating power supply currents and enhance the supply purity.

The heavy machined casing uses different panel thicknesses to damp each other out and avoid vibration reaching the amplifier components.

The highly linear output stage uses 6 ring-emitter transistors to share the current load and remain linear, even when supplying massive currents to keep a grip on the speakers.

The Angel 6 combines the world of pure low-feedback with the high output currents needed to deliver the whole authentic musical performance. It delivers musicality and subtlety along with breathtaking power, scale and dynamics. It delivers Music!