Angel-4 Power Amplifier

The Angel-4 uses the same design and principles as the Angel-6, scaled down for more domestic compatibility.

By using only top quality components and combining low-feedback design with high current delivery, this design will make you believe the music is being played live in the room. The Angel 4 is designed to drive mainstream loudspeakers to high levels, where other amplifiers start to compress and sound strained.

We extend our low-feedback philosophy to the power supplies. The low-feedback amplifier is fed with incredibly pure, high current DC rails from low-feedback regulators.

The heavy machined casing uses different panel thicknesses to damp each other out and avoid vibration reaching the amplifier components.

The highly linear output stage uses 4 ring-emitter transistors to share the current load and remain linear, even when supplying large currents to keep a grip on the speakers.

The Angel-4 combines the world of pure low-feedback with the high output currents needed to deliver the whole authentic musical performance. It delivers musicality and subtlety along with power, scale and dynamics. It delivers Music!