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Andy.         Angel-6 + Angel-Pre.

Driving a pair of DBLs

Angel-6. Every time I listen to this amp it excels. I haven’t heard a missed beat in 6 months of ownership and it just owns the speakers. If there’s bass, it is there, powerful and driving and it’s still doing the delicate mid and treble detail at the same time. It goes loud without changing character, it just gets louder until it is very loud. A thoroughly rewarding experience – it just draws you in to the music.


Angel-Pre. What can I say about this pre? Circuitry is minimal consequently it just gets out of the way and lets the music breathe – a very natural sound. Nothing feels forced or not quite right – we love it! It integrates well with a surround sound system using the unity gain input, meaning we can enjoy music directly from the source and then switch to home theatre sound whilst using the same front speakers and amp. Fortunately it works well with programmable remote systems (we use Logitech Harmony). Simplicity and fabulous sound at the same time. What more could you ask for?

Steve.         Angel-6 + Angel-Pre.

Driving a pair of Shahinian Obelisks

Angel-6. WOW! This Amp is just so musical it’s amazing. The dynamic range has really increased. We just can’t stop listening now. I doesn’t matter what source, whether it’s radio, a ‘strangled’ MP3, streamed HD digital files, or vinyl, it all sounds SO good.

Today I came home to find wife listening to music – (it used to be a rarity in our house, now it’s a regular thing). We’re rediscovering our music collection, it’s wonderful.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that the ‘only’ thing that’s changed to transform the system is your Angel 6 Amp. It sounds like we’ve got a completely new and much more expensive system. Thank you.


Angel-Pre. You’ve done it again – Big Time! It’s superb, amazing, I can’t think of enough superlatives. I’ve got a whole new record collection – again!

I wish I lived without neighbours, having just had a brief session at elevated volume, WOW. I have never heard my Obelisks sound so loud, effortless and realistic.

In the 40+ years that I’ve been a music and hifi enthusiast, I’ve never experienced such volume levels with such ease. It’s addictive.