Ascalon-8 Loudspeaker

The result of extensive testing during the Angel amplifier development, The Ascalon-8 has the transparency and dynamic musicality to complement the Angel amplifiers

The Ascalon-8 uses top quality components, and like our amplifiers it’s designed to avoid compression of dynamics, while retaining the stunning levels of transparency that make music such a joy to experience

What does this mean for your music?

– An incredibly natural sound for instruments and vocals

– Fine detail resolution and massive dynamic range

– Awesome timing and rhythm

– An immersive, believable musical experience

The Ascalon-8 loudspeakers are designed to deliver music in your home, positioned discretely near to the rear wall, instead of standing in the middle of the room!

This allows the rear port to be tuned down for awesome bass extension, while retaining a very low group delay so the musical timing is perfectly retained

The drivers made by Volt Loudpseakers, just up the road from us in Dorset, are designed for linearity over large excursions, just like our amplifiers. The tweeter is selected from the high-end Seas Excel range.

This avoids compression and allows the musical expression and dynamics to shine through.

The crossovers use top quality metal film resistors, industrial grade low-ESR capacitors and substantial air-cored coils to deliver the best sound quality.

Great care is taken to ensure natural matching and transition between the drivers, and to keep the speaker load very easy to drive. This brings out the best performance in the partnering amplifier.

The heavy Birch Ply cabinets are well braced, and tapered to reduce resonances, both in the panels themselves, and in the internal speaker spaces. This allows very natural voicing of instruments and vocals.

Each driver has an individual crossover which can be configured for bi- or tri- wiring. The midrange and tweeter both have switches to allow fine-tuning of the response to suit your room and furnishings. They can effectively be used together to adjust the bass response to match the room too.