We are a small British company with a passion for Music.

We use local UK suppliers for all our manufacturing. All final assembly and test is in-house to ensure we ship the highest quality products meeting our exacting musical standards.

Moor Amps is a play on our family name Narramore, originating on Dartmoor in the South West of England.

There are differing versions of the name’s derivation, ‘North of the Moor’ or ‘Narrowing of the Moor’ for example. I spent a lot of time exploring Dartmoor in my youth, it remains a very special place.

And one of our engineering philosophies at Moor Amps? – ‘More Amps’!

‘More Amps’ is how the amplifiers keep a cast iron grip on the music, no matter how demanding the speakers are. ‘More Amps’ gives effortless dynamics, musical power and scale without compression.

Why Angel?

Late one evening after a long day of soldering, the first pre-production Angel 6 boards were powered up. One of my favourite live bands is WATB (Wille and the Bandits). I put on a couple of tracks from the ‘Grow’ album through the new amplifier. It was clear from the powerful and emotional rendition of the track ‘Angel’ that a breakthrough had been achieved, and the new amplifier was something truly different and special.

I’ve listened to the track many times since then on these amplifiers, and it never fails to be a moving musical experience – so the name stuck.