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The Ear – A stunning 5 star review of the Ascalon-8 Loudspeakers.


Ascalon 8’s ability to not just entertain but extract musical joy from recordings’

The Ear - 5 stars

A British Audiophile – A YouTube video review of the Angel-4 and Angel Pre amplifiers.



A British Audiophile - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

‘BEST EVER’ Award goes to the ANGEL-6 Amplifier.

HF&MS have introduced a new award category for a select few outstanding products. We are immensely proud to receive the first ever ‘BEST EVER’ Award for our flagship Angel-6 amplifier.


HiFi and Music Source 17th Sept 2021

Angel-4 and Angel-Pre

A fabulous review of the Angel 4 power amplifier with the Angel-Pre, by Simon Wilce

their synergy and simplicity in presentation make them a must-listen if this is anywhere near your budget

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HiFi and Music Source 12th Oct 2021


Another amazing review of the Angel 6 power amplifier, by Simon Wilce

The open nature of the soundstage offered by this amplifier is a real revelation and I have been impressed by the energetic performance and the
silky delivery

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‘The Ear’ 16th Dec 2020


A stunning review of the Angel 6 power amplifier, by Jason Kennedy

Moor Amps have built a stunning power amp in the Angel 6″

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Hi-Fi+ Issue 187

Angel-6 and Angel-Pre

An amazing review of the Angel-6 power amplifier and Angel-Pre, by Steve Dickinson

“… a comparative rarity, a genuinely powerful pre-power combination that gets out of its own way and just delivers the music.”

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